About the blog

Our blog, “You, me, and a tanuki,” could also be called, “You, me, and that big-ass bear thing you always see outside of restaurants in Japan.” Kidding aside, the tanuki statues that typically greet patrons on their way to satisfying their rumbling stomachs are representations of the “raccoon dog,” an animal common in Japanese folklore that is said to be mischevious and jolly as well as a master of disguise.  In modern day Japan, tanuki statues can commonly be found outside of ramen shops or other Japanese eateries. On our tiny, restaurant-less island of Chibu, the tanuki is also a nightly sighting, but not of the inanimate statue type. Chibu, with a human population of around 630, is home to roughly 2,000 actual tanuki. These nocturnal critters, as cute as they are, stand as a constant reminder of the lack of actual food establishments on our island; a disappointing reality for two avid restaurant-goers.      


“You, me, and a tanuki” is simply a blog about two food lovers’ quest to satisfying their insatiable hunger in a place filled with tanuki, those of which are more likely to try and steal your food than beckon you in for a meal.

*****UPDATE***** 8/19/2012

Well, it’s been four months since we’ve started this blog and it’s been a wonderful experience.  We initially thought it was going to be a blog dedicated to food (since we’re always craving something), but it has evolved into a place for us to record our adventures together in Japan, write about the bizarre and interesting things we come across, and share our (Khoa’s) photography.  We are so humbled by how many people take time out of their day to read our posts and look at our photos.  Thank you very much for your comments, likes, and views!  We try our best to keep the posts short, interesting, and filled with pictures.

To our current followers, thank you for your support and comments!  We really appreciate your time and interest!

And to those of you who have stumbled across our humble blog, welcome!  We hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of a young married couple from the US living on a tiny island in the Sea of Japan.


6 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. meleclipse May 5, 2012 / 4:51 pm

    I like the look of your blog, so clean and crisp! Can’t wait to visit Japan soon…

    • youmeandatanuki May 8, 2012 / 6:48 am

      Wow, thank you so much, Eleenie! We are really honored to be nominated by you. We think your blog is great, too! Keep up the great posts!

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