365 photos in 365 days: Photo #242-#251

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the very very late posts of my pictures. For the past couple of weeks, Michelle and I have been trying to fight off the flu. Fortunately for us, we never got the flu but… Michelle did get a cold and has a sore throat. She did get better before she went on a business trip last weekend but it got really cold and windy and she got sick again. That’s ok because I am here to take care of her!  It is always fun taking care of Michelle when she is sick.

But now on to my photos! Last week Michelle had a business trip on the mainland. We decided to go together and have some fun, eat some food and explore Matsue. It was a blast and I am really excited to go on our next adventure! Which is going to start this coming Saturday!

We are going to Hokkaido to see the Sapporo Snow Festival! This is an event that is held every year in Sapporo, where they make giant snow castles and sculptures. We have been wanting to go to the snow festival for the past two years and we are finally able to! Check back next week for pictures from Sapporo!


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