365 photos in 365 days: Photo #200


Halo 4 is in my opinion the best game of this year. The story was great, the graphics where beautiful, and I got to play it with my best friend 🙂 Don’t worry, Michelle and I didn’t constantly play Halo all day, we also did some chores and went grocery shopping. The weather forecast said it was going to snow all day but when we left for our walk, it was sunny and snowing at the same time! Michelle loved walking to the store while it was snowing but still bright and cheery outside. She didn’t mind the cold at all. However, when we finished shopping, the weather took a turn for the worst. The clouds covered the sun, the wind picked up, and snow started to fall more heavily than when we started. It got so bad that Michelle had to use her scarf to cover her face. I had to take a picture of her because I thought she was being too cute.

Location: Chibu-mura, Shimane-ken, JAPAN
Location: Chibu-mura, Shimane-ken, JAPAN

^Look at her trying to stay warm while still holding the daikon and cauliflower we bought at the store 🙂

Stay warm everyone! Winter is on its way!



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