365 photos in 365 days: Photo #193

Good Evening!

YAY! I got a post done on time today!

Presenting today’s photo….of Michelle! We had to go to the general store to get some stuff for dinner. As we left our house and started to walk to the store, I turned on my camera and a message popped up. No memory card…. I can’t believe I did it again! At least we were still close to our house. I ran back inside and put my memory card into the camera. When I came back outside, Michelle had her hood up on her snowboard jacket, looking really cold. I started to take pictures of her from far away, but all she did was give me some death stares because she was freezing. I got the hint that she was pretty cold and didn’t want any pictures taken of her, did a little dance to maker her smile, and then we went on our way to the store.  I’m sorry, Michelle, for making you wait in the cold but you are just too beautiful for me to not take a picture of. Love you!

Location: Chibu-mura, Shimane-ken, JAPAN

2 thoughts on “365 photos in 365 days: Photo #193

  1. tokyobling December 3, 2012 / 12:55 am

    No one told us Michelle was so beautiful! I love those freckles. And it is a great shot. Well done.

  2. Art Zimmermann December 3, 2012 / 4:11 am

    I know that death stare!!! Almost like looking into the Death Star. It is very cold in space and Chibu. With “laser” like precision she can get her message across. J

    How can someone so beautiful be so scary at the same time. 😀



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