365 photos in 365 days: Photo #187

Good evening!

Today’s weather was just horrible. It rained all morning and afternoon, then it was super windy, then it started to rain again. As a result, I couldn’t go for a walk with my camera and we stayed indoors all day. Towards the end of the afternoon, we ran out of things to do inside.  Michelle started to pluck her eyebrows using her compact mirror and I decided to play around with my camera and take pictures. At first I fiddled around with my camera settings, taking pictures of random objects around the house. I quickly got bored, so I started to think of cool things to take pictures of and landed up taking this shot:

Location: Chibu-mura, Shimane-ken, JAPAN

I am glad she decided to pluck her eyebrows. I really like how it looks like Michelle is going to take a picture of me with her compact mirror.



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