365 photos in 365 days: Photo # 168

Location: Chibu-mura, Shimane-ken, JAPAN

Man! Our neighbors have some really cool objects in their front yard. Everyday I walk by and always want to take a picture of their stuff. It wasn’t until this week that I just said to myself, “Do it, take that picture.” And I took that picture. As a matter of fact I took more than one picture; the past three daily pictures have come from our neighbor’s front yard.

This purple shell (used as a decoration in our neighbor’s front yard) is from a clam that you can eat and harvest in Chibu. I didn’t know that clams come in multiple colors, I thought they are all white.  The deep purple color you see is actually the shell’s natural color, no added paint or anything.

Michelle and I first encounter the shells back in April of last year during a festival held in Chibu called Odaishi-san mawari.  During this festival, we visit the different shrines around the island and eat food prepared by the women who live in each area.  The festival started as a way for common people to follow the ways of Kobo-Daishi, a famous  monk, by visiting small temples in the neighborhood.  During one of our stops at a shrine, Michelle and I were treated to these colorful clams. And there’s not only purple clams, but bright red and bright orange ones, too. I was amazed. Not only did they look beautiful but they tasted great! 🙂


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