365 photos in 365 days: Photo #166

Location: Chibu-mura, Shimane-ken, JAPAN

This picture took me a while to take. How long you ask? I would have to say about two weeks.

So when I first saw this bush it had one little flower on it; I was tempted to take a photo then. As I brought my camera to my eye, I thought I should wait a little bit longer until more flowers bloom and the bush becomes a lot more colorful. This was about two weeks ago. As the two weeks passed by we had some crazy weather, strong winds, torrential down pour, a little sun, and then back to a lot of rain. I got lucky today since it was one of the few sunny days we get in Chibu before the winter weather sets in. So when I left the house to meet Michelle after her work, I looked over to see how the bush was doing. Man, patience pays off. The bush had more flowers on it in various stages ranging from buds to blossoming flowers to full blooms to flowers on their way out.

With this picture I learned that patience pays off. When I first see something that I want to photograph, I always contemplate how to take the picture. What kind of angles would look the best. Is the lighting working for me? Would Michelle like the picture? And finally, I ask myself if the subject is really going to make for an interesting photo. Usually I can answer those questions, sometimes only half. But after taking this photo after waiting for more flowers to bloom, I am now going to ask myself, “Would this look better in a week or two? A month? Or how about a different season?”


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