Summer, just go away.

I thought we were having fun frolicking in the ocean together and having an excuse to eat ice cream every day.  It was nice getting tan and watching fireworks burst in the night air.  I didn’t even mind that you forced me to look like a fool and use an umbrella as a shield against your buddy, the sun.  

But I’ve had enough of you.  You increased my dirty laundry load twofold because my frail Californian body can’t handle the humidity and chooses to perspire twice as much as the normal person.  You increased my electricity bill by over 50 bucks. You give me no relief from the hot, sticky air you insist on blowing and your cicada minions will not shut up!   

Our relationship was only supposed to last for a few months.  We reunited in June and things got really heated up in July. The beginning of August was going really well for us.  But there’s only two days until September and you still insist on sticking around. 

We had a good run, but I’m over you, summer.  Won’t you take the hint?  Why don’t you let fall have a turn?


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