9 Steps to Enjoying Japanese Barbecue

We miss American BBQ; huge hunks of meat grilled on a Weber, there’s nothing like it.

However, we still enjoy Japanese-style barbecue even though it goes against everything American BBQ stands for.  We’ve been to many a barbecue party here in Japan and I think it’s safe to say that we have a pretty good understanding of the way of the Japanese grill.

But for those of you who may be unfamiliar with this phenomenon…

Here are 9 steps to enjoying Japanese barbecue:

1) Prepare the coals.  In Japan, most people use wood charcoal instead of the briquettes that are popular abroad.

Be sure to use an uchiwa to fan the flames!

2) When the coals are ready, spread ’em around the rectangular grill.

3) Grab yourself a tin dish and some hashi.

4) Choose your favorite dipping sauce.  Are you a sweet or spicy kinda guy?

This brand of dipping sauce is called, “meat thief”…no comment.

5) Bust out the meat and vegetables.

6) Slap said meat and rabbit food on the grill.  Make sure the meat is completely unseasoned and so thin that it will easily fold in half.  Lid?  What lid?  We grill in the open air here.

7)  Huddle around the grill with your friends.  Fight over the spots upwind of the smoke and sweat profusely waiting for the meat to cook.

8) Grab cooked meat (or vegetables if you swing that way) off the grill using your chopsticks and plop it into your tin dish filled with sauce.

9) Consume and repeat.


Go diving in the ocean before the barbecue so you can cook up some sazae (sea snails) on the coals once you’re done grilling the meat and veggies.

Cooking sazae (sea snail) on wood coals


Enjoy the beautiful ocean view while you stuff your face.


One thought on “9 Steps to Enjoying Japanese Barbecue

  1. griffinsgrub August 18, 2012 / 4:44 am

    Interesting to see the differences in BBQ in different parts of the world. Looks like you chose a great place to grill, nice background. Thanks for sharing your BBQ.

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