Our $25 Watermelon

Every day we see the most perfect watermelons in the general store and every day we cringe at the price. 2,000 yen for one round watermelon is a little expensive for our taste. But summer in Japan is hot and even though the price is the equivalent of over 25 US dollars, the call of the watermelon was too strong and we finally gave in and bought one. Take a look:

The reason we were so willing to pay this ridiculous price was because we knew that our watermelon was going to be delicious. It doesn’t matter what kind, fruits in Japan are very expensive. I’ve seen a bunch of green grapes for 3050 yen ($40 USD) and Khoa and I sometimes splurge on 300 yen apples (almost $4 USD). During Halloween, a medium-size carving pumpkin can set you back 2500 yen ($32 USD) and that’s a cheap one. One reason for the high prices is because there isn’t a lot of space to grow things in Japan. Another reason is because the farmers take such good care of the fruits. I often see video clips on the news showing fields of peach trees with each fruit individually wrapped in a protective cover while it’s still on the tree. Farmers also hand pick each fruit and store them wrapped in bubble wrap. Even though the prices are high, you are guaranteed to be buying the tastiest fruit you’ve ever eaten.

As we expected, the watermelon was wonderful. Bright pink on the inside, deep green on the outside and the fruit was perfectly sweet and very juicy. Sometimes when I would buy watermelons in America, it always seemed like a gamble because half of the time the meat was very mealy and not so juicy. But when you buy a watermelon here in Japan, it is certain that you will get a sweet and delicious summertime treat…you just have to pay $25 for it.


3 thoughts on “Our $25 Watermelon

  1. toinlessons August 13, 2012 / 3:09 pm

    Go look up ‘Yume-bari melon’ …the best ones go for more than you can imagine!

  2. Tess August 19, 2012 / 12:07 pm

    This summer has been incredibly ho,t and though it’s also been dry, we folks in Michigan are not adapted to 90°F to over 100°F temperatures for extended time. I’d never have considered watermelon until this year. Now it’s been almost every visit to the grocery store, I buy some. I’ve discovered that it’s best to buy the pre-cut deli containers because you can see if it’s ripe, and not too full of seeds… Even those don’t come close to a $25 splurge though. Wow!

    • youmeandatanuki August 19, 2012 / 12:21 pm

      I know! The price is insane, but it really is such a delicious treat when it’s hot outside. We got lucky and two of our neighbors gave us a watermelon from their garden! So it’s like we got three watermelon for $25 (still on the expensive side but better than one for 25 bucks!) 🙂

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