Just add tequila

Khoa and I took a trip to the big island this past weekend and we were again mesmerized by the variety of items you can buy in the stores.  Many people who live in Okinoshima think that there aren’t a lot of shopping options, and I guess that’s true when compared to the mainland.  But to us, Okinoshima is a mecca of new foods that you can’t buy on our tiny island of Chibu. 

For example, here’s an interesting drink that I found in a convenience store:   


It tastes exactly as the bottle describes, salty and…limey.  As I sipped away at my new found drink, I couldn’t help but be reminded of something.  And then it hit me…margaritas!  Japan has managed to bottle a fizzy margarita mix and call it, “Salty Bubbles.”  If only I had some tequila…


One thought on “Just add tequila

  1. buildingmybento August 10, 2012 / 6:55 am

    Have you seen any of the “____ & Salt” series? The latest was litchi & salt, and again, it tasted as advertised. Japan seems to excel in making things taste the way they are described, particularly with butter-related snacks…

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