Snowman Ice Cream

In Japan, Baskin Robbins is called “31 Ice cream.”   Even though the name has changed, the ice cream is just as delicious and the people of Japan can’t get enough of this American original.  In fact, Japan now has over 1,000 stores all over the country, over 20 of which have been remodeled in 2012, which make a combined 735,000,000 yen per year ($9,423,076 USD).  That’s a whole lotta ice cream!

During summer, 31 Ice Cream always runs a Yuki Daruma (Snowman) Ice Cream campaign.  You can choose one jumbo scoop and one kid’s scoop of ice cream which forms the shape of Japan’s two tiered snowmen. 

When Khoa and I saw the posters for yuki daruma ice cream, we had to give it a try.  Sure, the flavor of the ice cream isn’t changed at all, but there’s something about snowman ice cream that beckoned us to buy it…it’s so dang cute!  So we waited in line and perused the katakana laden menu for the perfect ice cream combination.  Green tea, blood orange passion sorbet, cream soda, chocolate oreo…how could we choose? After much debate and awkward deciphering of English words written in Japanese, we decided on the layers of our snowmen. 

I ordered a choko minto kukki chamu (chocolate mint cookie chum [basically, mint chocolate chip ice cream with cookie dough!!!]) and kyarameru ribon (caramel ribbon).  Khoa was ready to give ordering his ice cream a try, but gave it a second thought after hearing me struggle through that mess of vowels.  He asked me to order him a remon kuranberi chi-zu ke-ki (lemon cranberry cheesecake) and banana ando sutoroberi (banana and strawberry).  Here’s the results:

Michelle’s Snowman Ice Cream


Khoa’s Snowman Ice Cream

I have to tell you, both of my ice cream choices were delicious!  Mint chocolate chip with cookie dough?  Brilliant!!!  And the only thing that could have improved my caramel ribbon ice cream with its still gooey layers of caramel would be the addition of pralines.  Khoa enjoyed his lemon cranberry cheesecake ice cream with real bits of cheesecake and his favorite flavor combo, strawberry and banana.      


After consuming a jumbo and kid’s size scoop of ice cream plus the cone, we were on sugar overload and regretted being so overzealous in our ice cream choice.  But c’mon, it’s an ice cream cone shaped like a snowman…how can you pass that up?  At the time, I told myself I’d never get another yuki daruma ice cream, but I know I’m going to instantly forget that promise the next time I see the adorable posters advertising this overly sweet treat.


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