It was a jungle out there!

It’s really hard keeping a garden when you live on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere.  It’s even harder when you don’t bother to weed for around a month during the rainy season.  Our garden looked more like a jungle by the time we got around to doing some major clean-up this morning.


As you can see, it still does’t look amazing, but it’s a lot better than before.

Our poor little plants were getting choked out by all of the tall weeds.  Hopefully they’ll come back in full force now that they can have their fair share of sunshine.

Cherry tomatoes doing well 🙂
Our big tomatoes are getting bigger!
After being completely attacked by bugs and their leaves eaten to shreds, these guys are coming back. It’s tough growing veggies without using any pesticides, especially in rural Japan.
Squash bushes (in front) and tomatoes (in back)

Not only is being in the inaka hard for our plants, it’s hard on us, too.  Now that the rains have stopped (at least for the next week), we have to reapply poison powder all around our house.  There are so many bugs around here that we literally have to surround our house with poison to cut down on the amount of cockroaches, rolly polly bugs, and the dreaded mukade (poisonous centipede) that enter our house.  This year we’ve only found two really bigs ones and a handful of small mukade in our house.  If you saw a mukade, you’d understand why I insist on sleeping in a mesh tent during  the summer months when they’re most rampant.

Khoa putting out the poison powder all around our house.

We had a very productive morning; it felt good.  After a quick shower (we were both drenched in sweat thanks to the 30 degree weather and 80% humidity), we took a walk to the hotel for some nice teishoku (Japanese set menu) lunches and then iced coffee and cake afterwards.

Now we have just one more day of relaxing during the 3-day weekend and then it’s back to work.


2 thoughts on “It was a jungle out there!

  1. alluneedislove July 15, 2012 / 4:56 pm

    Well done, I need to find a similar energy burst to sort mine. We managed to buy new gardening equipment but it hasn’t inspired us to do any work just yet!

  2. Eleenie July 15, 2012 / 10:30 pm

    You must be a bit tentative when it comes to the gardening, I know I would be with all those bugs about. I was jittery enough in Greece with their centipede, horrible thing, it could give you a nasty bite but the mukade sounds positively terrifying.

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