So many fish!

If we ever want fish, Khoa and I just have to stand out in front of our house and wait for a fisherman to drive by (which won’t take too long).  Last Monday I was waiting outside with Khoa to be picked up for a work party when the taxi driver (who is also a fisherman) drove by.  He stopped his little K-truck and asked if we wanted some fish.  I said sure and he proceeded to fill a plastic grocery bag with around 20 flying fish, 4 long scary looking fish, a weird purple/blue crab and 3 or so pokey fish (sorry, I forgot their names in Japanese).  Here are some pictures:

Our bag o’ fish. Flying fish on the top.
Flying fish, also known as “tobi uo” in Japanese.
Fly away!
Scary fish. It had some gnarly teeth!  It was delicious.
Imma eat you!
Pokey fish.
Close up of the pokey fish
Blue and purple crab that was caught in the fisherman’s net. So beautiful, I almost didn’t want to eat it…almost.
Blue and Purple!
Boiled crab. Very sandy on the inside, but the legs were delicious! And really salty!

Khoa and I love getting fish from the fishermen, but it’s really tough to gut and prepare them.  We spent about an hour taking out the insides and cutting them up.  As true Chibu citizens, we went out to the ocean in front of our house and dumped out the entrails.

Dumping out the guts of around 30 fish. The hawks came and tried to swoop in for an easy meal, but it sunk too quickly.

We ate well that night.  Foil wrapped fish and boiled crab, fresh and from the ocean we see every day.


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