I got my sandwich!!! (and I didn’t have to pay $50)

Remember when I devoted an entire post to ranting about food cravings while living abroad?  Also, when I wrote in a different post saying, “Oh my god, I would pay 50 bucks for a California Fresh right now?”

Well folks, I have finally been able to satisfy  my craving for a California Fresh sandwich and I didn’t even have to find a magic lamp or travel 5500 miles to get it.

I just had to have the best husband in the world.

There he is, holding a huuuge block of cheese.
Mmm, cheese….I mean, Mmm, Khoa…uh…

Khoa, being the ever intuitive husband he is, scoured the foreign food websites in Japan for the ingredients to make me THE BEST SANDWICH IN THE WORLD!

Not only did he order the big block o’ cheese, he also bought a whole turkey breast and roasted it in our oven/microwave/toaster/grill doohickey (don’t worry, he used the oven setting).

Roasted Turkey. So juicy. So good.

He also was able to get a pack of Costco Japan crossaints delivered to our island.


He also prepared all of the fixin’s for one great sandwich.

Sandwich in the making
Red onions from our garden and lettuce from our neighbor’s garden

Put that together and what do you get?

The best sandwich in the world!!!!


…and the best husband in the world.

2 thoughts on “I got my sandwich!!! (and I didn’t have to pay $50)

  1. Art Zimmermann July 5, 2012 / 3:06 am

    Happy 4th of July!!! That is a great looking sandwich. After shipping cost I bet it was almost $50 bucks! 🙂 Well worth it though. Miss you guys.


  2. Eleenie July 6, 2012 / 3:38 pm

    That is one terrific looking sandwich and one terrific hubby, wonderful! 🙂

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