The thing about living in a foreign country is that even though you’re surrounded by the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted , you still crave the foods you loved back home.  I could have just sat down to a wonderful spread of the freshest sushi, but my cravings for the good stuff from home still persist.  It’s the cruel irony of living in a foreign country: surrounded by delicious food, but all I want is a grilled cheese sandwich, made with real cheese and wheat bread (both of which are hard to find in Japan and impossible to buy on our island). 

What is it about those nostalgic foods from back home that make foreigners go mad with cravings?  There are countless websites in Japan that cater to foreigners in search of food from their home country.  These websites are also able to charge an arm and a leg because foreigners will pay (remember yesterday’s post where I wrote, “Oh my god, I would pay 50 bucks for a California Fresh right now”).

It’s such a strange phenomenon, living abroad and craving the food you love.  It’s completely different from a normal, everyday craving that you have while living in your home country.  When craving food while living abroad, there’s a sense of longing, futility, and that glorious moment when you make it to a big city and they actually have a place that makes pizza, real pizza, not a cracker with melted cheese on it.  When you finally eat that food you have been craving, no, longing for, there is no better feeling in the world.  “But what about love, Michelle?  You love Khoa, don’t you? Isn’t love the best feeling in the world?”  Hmm, yes, yes it is, but my goodness, eating a long lost piece of pizza has got to be a close second…maybe equal.  (I LOVE YOU, KHOA!!! 🙂 )

Maybe it’s just because I’m really hungry or maybe it’s because I just really want some sharp cheddar cheese, but man, food is great. 

But come on, foreigners, back me up on this one.  Isn’t finally eating the food you have been craving (one of) the best feelings in the world? 


One thought on “Cravings

  1. foldedcranes June 29, 2012 / 7:34 pm

    Hey Michelle! I saw the first paragraph of this post and I knew I agreed… gosh yes, living in the Netherlands there are so many, just small food things that i miss about home!! So it is always exciting when relatives visit from NZ and bring us a few small things, which PJD and I have different attitudes to. He will eat his favourite thing really fast, whereas I will eeek mine out for as long as I can, knowing, wistfully, that it will be a while til I get to taste that again. But you are right: finally eating that taste of home you have been craving really is the best!

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