Better than Kobe beef? (Sunday Island Hopping)

Last Sunday, Khoa and I decided to eat one meal on each of the three Oki Douzen Islands.  Here’s a map for reference:

Nakano-shima is also called “Ama”

We started out with a breakfast in Chibu, our island.  Nothing fancy, just some toast with raspberry jam.    

We then took the isokaze (a boat that runs on a set schedule to each of the Douzen islands…it’s like a bus…but it’s a boat).  

The Isokaze

Once we were in Ama (around 15 minutes by boat from Chibu), we ate at a restaurant that serves Oki beef.  

Oki Beef Restaurant

The sign outside reads, “Island born, island raised Oki Beef Shop.”  The cows that dot the hills of Oki are kept to produce baby cows that are sold to ranchers throughout Japan.  It is said that the calves from Oki are some of the most expensive in Japan; many are sold to ranchers in Kobe, which later become Kobe beef.  Some of those cows are kept in Oki and raised to adulthood. The restaurant in Ama is the only place in all of Oki where you can eat Oki beef.  It is said that Oki beef is even better than Kobe beef.  Of course, I hear this from people who live in Oki, but it’s still pretty darn tasty.  Khoa and I both ordered the Yakiniku (grilled meat) lunch set.  Here it is:


Yakiniku Teishoku
Grilled meat lunch set

there is a grill in the middle of the table that you use to cook the Oki beef.


Not only was the food delicious, the dishes used to plate the food were beautiful.  Take a look:


Mouthwateringly delicious, aesthetically pleasing, that lunch had it all.


Since we had a few hours before dinner, we decided to take a walk to Oki Jinja, the largest shinto shrine in Ama.  It’s about a 2.5km walk one way, but after stuffing ourselves silly with Oki Beef, we were happy to take a walk.

Oki Shrine
Oki Shrine
Oki Shrine

After our walk, we still had about an hour left to wait for the boat, so we sat out at the port and ate some soft cream:

Hishiura, Ama’s port

Soft Cream

We then took the isokaze over to Nishinoshima where we ate dinner at Zen Sushi, the same restaurant that I mentioned in this post.  We had the zen chirashi sushi again.  Our bellies full once again, we took the isokaze back to Chibu and relaxed for the rest of the night.

It was such a fun day of island hopping and eating good food.  Maybe we’ll do it again next weekend 😛 


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