Japan has small cups

A beautiful, hand-crafted cup made by one of our friends on the island.

Really, really small cups.  The cups here are so small that if my life depended on finishing one of those tiny glasses of water, I could probably do it in one gulp…two at the most. 

When at an enkai (drinking party), my cup is being constantly refilled by other people (as is the custom) to a chorus of, “Misheru, osake tsuyoi!” (Michelle, you can handle your liquor!).  No, I’m not “osake tsuyoi,” these cups are so darn small that I need my glass replenished after every other sip.  Bring me a large frosty mug of beer! 

I can’t say I’ve gotten used to the miniature cups they have here, but I have grown tolerant of them.  I still look at the tiny water glasses that I’m served at restaurants and long for a tall glass of ice water with a fatty straw protruding from the ocean it contains.  I rarely ever drain these behemoth water glasses, but the American in me just wants more.     

Oh well, I’ll just have to settle for constantly asking for refills while in Japan :/


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