American Gyudon

Khoa: I want beef!

Michelle: I want mashed potatoes!

…And so the American gyudon was born.

The original Japanese gyudon (beef bowl)
Beef and onions over rice.

What Khoa really wanted was an actual steak, but that is impossible to buy on the island.  Taking a look around the general store produced even more disappointing results.  We only had three options for beef and none of them all too appealing.

Option #1: freezer burnt thin slices of meat @ 1550 yen for around 500g.  Who knows how long it’s been kicking around the general store freezer.

Option #2: frozen ground beef/pork.  Not even close to the steak Khoa’s been craving.

Option #3: frozen, thin (see-through) slices of beef (the kind used in gyuudon).

We decided to go with Option #3, buying the frozen beef without any ideas on how we were going to prepare it.

Our cravings and lack of options at the general store turned into the makings of an unconventional, but delicious dish.  We prepared the beef as you would a normal gyudon, but instead of adding it over rice, we added it to roasted garlic mashed potatoes with butter, whole milk, sea salt, and pepper.  I guess you can’t really call this dish a gyudon, but at first glance, that’s what it reminded me of.  To add to the wonderful meal, we enjoyed a Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco, bought from an international foods store in Matsue.  It was the perfect meal for the end of a great weekend.

American Gyudon!
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes, beef, asparagus


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