Kaitenzushi 回転寿司

Yesterday we headed out to the mainland for a little break from island life.  We both agree that the hardest part of living in Chibu is not being able to go to a restaurant whenever we want.   We had a very pleasant, albiet short one-day trip, but we managed to fit in a lot of restaurant visits.

Our favorite place was definitely kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi).


There were the usual suspects; nigiri sushi of tuna and salmon, inarizushi,  and gunkan maki filled with fish roe to name a few.

But there were some unusual sushi options as well:

Squid Sushi
Fried chicken sushi with mayonnaise
Roast beef sushi with horseradish
(anxiously waiting to dig in while Khoa takes the picture)
They even had ginger ale and coke in a glass bottle!
Doesn’t Coca Cola always taste better from a glass bottle?

In case you wanted something other than what was coming on down the conveyor belt, you could use the small touch screen next to your table to order:

Once your order was prepared, the screen started flashing and began to play a nice little jingle, alerting you that your sushi would be coming by your table.

Order up!

The order also came on a special elevated platform with ご注文品 (ordered good) written on the side.

It was our first visit to this particular kaitenzushi restaurant and our first experience with the screen ordering system.  We landed up missing our first order item because we were  wondering whether or not we could take the plate.  As we debated, our sushi continued to chug down the line and out of reach.  Oh well 😛  We learned from that miss step and continued to order, pick up, and enjoy sushi to our hearts’ content.


One thought on “Kaitenzushi 回転寿司

  1. kate July 27, 2013 / 9:42 am

    I wish they had places like that here in Canada :/

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