Oysters and Onions

Khoa did some work cutting and drying hay for the superintendent’s cows on Monday.  After 4 hours of working in the hot sun, he was treated to beers by the seashore.  Before he left, the superintendent also gave him some rock oysters (taken from the sea surrounding Chibu) and some onions (grown by his mother).  What a treat! 

A bag full of onions fresh from the garden

We were planning on eating them raw, but when we tried to pry open the rock oysters, the little things wouldn’t budge (we also only had a butter knife to use :P).  We decided to grill them on the stove instead since the steam would force open the shells.


Oysters on an open stove.
There were little cracklings of shell all over the kitchen after we finished.


We added some tabasco and pepper to a few and then enjoyed ponzu flavored ones as well.




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