Grow baby, grow!

We love green onions. It seems like we use them every other day.

However, sometimes we think we’re going to use a lot of green onions, but land up only using a few. The rest is left to die a slow, painful death in the depths of our refrigerator. It makes me sad to see my favorite garnish waste into a sloppy brown mess after only a few days.


We now put our green onions in water and leave them in the kitchen window. Not only do they keep longer, they actually grow. We cut off as much as we want to use for cooking, being careful to leave the white part and the roots, and the rest grows back. We’ve used these same green onions around 5 times now and they continue to regrow.

*****Be sure to change the water every day and rinse off the roots.

This little trick saves us money and reduces waste. Try it out at home!


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