The perks of living on an island

Sometimes, living on an island is hard. During the winter, the boats are often canceled and no one can get on or off the island. That also means food can’t get to the island. During the summer, typhoons make you feel like the tiny rock you call home will be swallowed by the ocean at any moment. Since there’s no place to hide, everyone knows your name…and business.

On the other hand, living on an island has its perks. One of those perks is having access to fresh sea food all the time. Living in a small village of 630 people, everyone is very friendly towards one another. Our neighbors and friends (most of whom are fishermen by trade or as a hobby), often give us fish or other sea food. It isn’t uncommon to hear the door bell ring in the evening and have a bucket of fish thrust into our hands by the guy who works at the hotel, or be presented with freshly caught and still wriggling squid by one of the junior high kids.

The other day, one of our students from eikaiwa (english conversation class) gave us these:

Tai (Sea Bream)
Tai has beautiful teal markings

Kasago (Rock Fish)
It looks like an alien!

That’s a big mouth!

Khoa cut and prepared all of the fish for dinner that night.