We made a cake! …well, Khoa made a cake.

Khoa made a cake!

Last week was Golden Week, a glorious week in Japan where there are four national holidays within 7 days.  With substitute days from working at school on the weekend (for the annual track competition or the entrance ceremony held in April), it usually works out that we don’t have to go to school during the days that aren’t national holidays.  However, this year, Tuesday and Wednesday were not holidays and we had only worked one extra day on the weekend during the school year.  As a result, all of the teachers and students had to come to school on Tuesday for a single day of classes during the week.  We hadn’t planned on traveling anywhere, so it wasn’t such a big deal, but I felt bad for the other teachers who may have wanted to travel somewhere but couldn’t. 

To kick off our six day weekend, Khoa and I invited the English teacher who I assistant teach with and his two elementary aged children over to our house.  It was their mom’s birthday, so Khoa made a chocolate cake the night before and prepared frosting for the kids to decorate the cake with. 

We added colors to the frosting. The kids chose orange and blue and it was a good review of how to say the colors in English. We only had liquid food coloring and the colors separated a little bit, but they still had fun decorating.

When trying to decide what to write on the cake, instead of writing “tanjyoubi omedetou” (happy birthday in Japanese), the kids opted to write “Happy birthday” in katakana (the Japanese writing system for foreign words).  Instead of “Happy birthday mama” or “okaasan” (mother), they wrote “Chihumi sama” or “honorable Chihumi,” the first name of their mom! Khoa and I were laughing so hard as the kids spelled out their mother’s name and added the suffix, “sama,” which is reserved for formal letters or people of honor.  What a funny family!  We had a great time decorating the cake with the kids.  We also made peanut butter chocolate cookies.  This recipe is so decadent and a wonderful comfort food when you’re living in the land of no Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

“Happy Birthday Chihumi-sama” complete with a portrait of the birthday girl and dot decorations.


PS –

That chocolate cake was the best cake I have ever tasted…and I hate cake. Usually, I prefer any other dessert over cake. Pies, tarts, ice cream sundaes, truffles, even ice cream cake is better than boring old cake.  But this one that Khoa made was sooooo good.  It was so moist and chocolaty; I wanted to eat the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. If you’re feeling like baking something, might I suggest trying out this recipe?


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