Vegetable Garden: Mission Accomplished…so far

Today we finished planting our vegetable garden!

In Chibu, we are very limited on the vegetables we can buy in the store.  We were astonished to find avocados, but our main vegetable options are red tomatoes (arguably a fruit), carrots, potatoes, white onions, green onions, lettuce, cabbage, green bell peppers, mushrooms, kabocha, and daikon radish.  We sometimes have broccoli, and when the store has asparagus, we usually have to pay 200 yen ($2.50) for two spears (who packages asparagus in lots of two, anyways?).  We have all of the basic vegetables, but when we want to make something with red onions or yellow bell peppers, we’re out of luck.  As a result of our limited (and expensive) vegetable options, we (try to) plant our own.

They're growing!

These are some red and white onions we planted last November.  They’re getting bigger!

Baby onions!

Our forest of onions.


Many types of squash.  Zucchini, yellow squash, and weird round white ones.

A baby artichoke plant.  So small!

Sugar snap peas!  We’re hoping they’ll grow so we can add them to our salads.  We’ve never seen them for sale here in Chibu.

Since we can’t buy one at the store, we made this makeshift tomato cage out of bamboo that we cut down from behind our house.  It was fun sawing down the bamboo and lashing it together to form the ladder frame.  Let’s hope it is strong enough to stand up against a typhoon.

Red and yellow bell peppers.  The only plants in our garden that we didn’t grow from seeds.  We bought these from the neighboring island.

This is the other side of our garden area.  Before we dug up all the weeds and planted our veggies, the garden side looked like this.

Holy cow that’s a big earthworm!  That’s Khoa’s hand, by the way.  Since we live in the country side, there are tons and tons of bugs!  After we dug up all of the weeds, we disturbed all kids of ants, beetles, earthworms, and more.  There were so many bugs it looked like the ground was alive!

We’re really excited to watch our veggies grow!  We’ll keep you posted on our garden’s progress.


2 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden: Mission Accomplished…so far

  1. Myrtle Spurge May 6, 2012 / 11:47 pm

    I’m curious about some of your varieties… I garden in the US, and I have Asian friends here who order seeds from companies that sell varieties and vegetables more common in Asia.

    • youmeandatanuki May 7, 2012 / 4:35 pm

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 We actually bought most of the seeds from America. As for the red onions, we bought the seeds in Japan, but I believe that they are an Italian variety. Since we can easily buy popular Japanese vegetables at the general store (daikon radish, Chinese cabbage, etc.), we decided to plant vegetables that we used to enjoy in the US.

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