Japan does ice cream right

What is the best ice cream in the world?
1) Those chocolate dipped vanilla cones you get at the fair or boardwalk
2) The very bottom part of Drumstick ice cream cones (the part with tons of chocolate, cone, and a bit of vanilla ice cream)
Japan has managed to recreate the world’s best ice cream in two delicious treats you can easily buy at the grocery store…or in our case, the general store.
it's soooo good!
That’s vanilla ice cream swirled together with chocolate.  Here’s what the package looks like:
The chocolate is hardened and the ice cream is oh so creamy. They’ve managed to capture that perfect summer day spent at the boardwalk into an ice cream.  Yum!
The best ice cream ever #2 is a flat version of the beloved Drumstick ice cream cone, but instead of having ice cream at the top and cone on the bottom, Zacrich gets right down to business and starts you off with the cone.  With more cone and chocolate to ice cream ratio, every bite is like the chocolatey, coney, ice creamy bottom of a Drumstick ice cream cone. Genius!
PS –
Only on an island scenario #264:
When it’s blisteringly hot outside, 100% humidity and all you want is a nice, cold ice cream.  Any ice cream or even a dinky little popsicle will do.  Anything frozen to take the edge off of the insane heat.  And then you get to the store, and just as you are about to step inside, the cute little kid you teach at the kindergarten exits the store, grinning ear-to-ear, carrying the very last ice cream in any of the stores on the island.

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